ALL Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L
Terms and conditions:

1.Documents required to pick up the car:
1.1. Bookings number.
1.2. A valid national identification card or passport.
1.3. The driver must hold a valid driving licence approved in Spain and issued at least two years ago.
1.4. Bank card in the customer’s name.
1.5. For people who do not come by plane, train or other means that cannot prove their destination, we need proof of their current address of residence in Andalusia (such as a rental contract, electricity, gas or water bill not older than 2 months). You also need to provide the complete address to where you will be driving the rental vehicle. In the absence of any of these documents that can prove your place of residence, we will not be able to deliver the vehicle.

2. Driver:
2.1. The minimum age of the driver is 25 years and max 75 years.
2.2. The driver must hold a valid driving licence approved in Spain and issued at least two years ago.

3. Cost/charges of the rental:
3.1. All prices are in euro and include VAT.
3.2. Payment will be charged when you pick up the car.
3.3. The payment is accepted by credit card ( Visa or MasterCard ) and debit card (Visa or MasterCard).
3.4. The card must be in the name of one of the costumer, and the card must be physically presented in order to formalize the rental contract.
3.5. The holder of the card must be present at the time of the payment.
3.6. Payment with Diners Club, American Express will not be accepted.
3.7. Prepaid cards, smartphone and virtual cards will not be accepted.
3.8. For Luxury class L two credit cards can be required to guarantee the rentals.
3.9. The customer is directly responsible and promises to pay the All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L rent the cost of repairing or damaging the vehicle caused of an accident, where if it is accordance with the circumstances set out in article 7 of these terms and conditions, and the cost of repair, towing and any additional expenses when its shows that this is due the inexperience or improper use of the vehicle by the client or authorized drivers.
3.10. The customer is directly responsible and promises to pay the current rates for the type of rental vehicle for each day the car is immobilized due to being towed away or stopped by the authorities due to customer negligence.

4.1.      Fully Insurance Zero Risk that exempts the customer from the excess fee. Probably the most complete cover in the market. This insurance covers the following:
4.1.1.   Basic insurance + Fully comprehensive Insurance with NO EXCESS.
4.1.2    Fire and theft insurance with NO EXCESS.
4.1.3.   Car passenger insurance.
4.1.4.   Loss or damage to the vehicle’s keys.
4.1.5.   Damage to windows.
4.1.6.   Damages to wheel rims.
4.1.7.   Damages to tyres.
4.1.8.   Damage to clutch.
4.1.10. Damage to rear view mirrors.
4.1.11. Damage to the underside of the vehicle.
4.2 The price includes the rental of the vehicle, VAT and insurance with excess and local taxes.
4.3. Unlimited mileage within the autonomous region of Andalucia and Gibraltar (not including Ceuta, Melilla, Morocco etc.)
4.4. Baby/child seats and booster seats for free.
4.5. Roadside assistance 24h.
4.6. Upp till 4 additional drivers for free.
4.7. Late return of the vehicle – maximum 120 minutes.
4.8. Late arrival-our personal is waiting for you.
4.9. Cancellations and modifications of booking.
4.10. Standard cleaning av vehicle.

5.1. Missing fuel- in the case of returning the car with less fuel than you received.
5.2. One-way : 25€ per rental if the booking has a duration of less than 3 days.
5.3. Fuel error and the cost of the towing and repairing.
5.4. After hours (excluding Malaga airport): A charge of 25€ will be applied to all reservations between 23:00 and 7:00 the next day.
5.5. Traffic fines and cost ot the towing due to negligence.
5.6. GPS – The price will be 5€  per day with a minimum of 5 euros and a maximum of 50€. .Deposit with 50€  is required for this additional rental.
5.7. Special cleaning a vehicle- if a vehicle requires special cleaning due to a return in an unsuitable condition, ALL CYLINDERS will charge a costumers of up to 150€.
5.8. Elektrisk scooter-The price depends on the model from 4 to 6 € per day for a scooter with a minimum of 12 or 18 € and a maximum of 200 €. A security deposit of € 200 or € 300 is required for this option.
5.9. Cost of lost parking ticket that must be left together with vehicle keys when a customer leaves the car at the airport.
5.10. Above-average wear of the tread (refers to group X sport) – surcharge in accordance with the individual valuation of the lessor based on the wear of the tread.
5.11 The cost of transporting the key (taxi or other service) in the event of a lost key.

6.1. The Customer acknowledges receiving the vehicle as described in the agreement, in perfect technical and maintenance condition, along with all its parts and accessories, and undertakes to use them with due diligence and care, in accordance with the provisions of the Highway Code and other regulations of road safety.
6.2. The rental of a car is not necessarily tied to any particular vehicle but to a group of similar vehicles with similar comfort and technical features.

7.1. The customer promises that the vehicle will be used and operated with care, respecting road traffic regulations, motor vehicle traffic regulations, road safety measures and all other applicable laws.
7.2. Properly park and lock the vehicle when not in use.
7.3. For operational reasons, in connection with the inspection of the vehicle, All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L reserves the right to replace the vehicle at any time with another one with similar parameters, previously informed by the customer.
7.4. It is strictly prohibited for the customer to:
7.4.1. Driving in areas not suitable for public transport, such as beaches, forest roads, dirt roads or other unpaved surfaces that could cause damage to the underside of the vehicle.
7.4.2. Pushing or towing any vehicle or other object, rolling or not.
7.4.3. Participate in competitions, race of any kind.
7.4.4. Driving the vehicle under the influence of alcohol or psychotropic substances and / or drugs.
7.4.5. Driving while using a mobile phone or other portable device.  Loss or damage to vehicle documentation.
7.4.6. Driving without a valid driving license (valid in Spain at least 2 years before renting).
7.4.7. Driving a rented car by a person other than the Customer or additional drivers listed on the first page of the Rental Agreement.
7.4.8. Loading or transporting of goods of any kind. Transport of dangerous or flammable substances, pets, animals or for public transport of passenger.
7.4.9. Transfer of ALL CYLINDERS vehicles outside Andalusia (except Gibraltar) without written authorization from ALL CYLINDERS car rent.
7.4.10. Using the vehicle for illegal or unauthorized activities.
7.4.11. Use of the vehicle beyond the dates specified in the rental agreement.
7.4.12.Do not inform All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L of a malfunction of the car indicated by an alert on the dashboard of the car and continue to use the vehicle.
7.5. Notification that the warning lamp illuminates on the vehicle during the rental period must be immediately forwarded to the office or agreed roadside assistance channel; the customer is responsible for any loss and / or damage that may arise from failure to comply with this obligation.
7.6. In the event of a delayed return of more than two hours or abandonment of the vehicle, the amount corresponding to the extended period at the rate of this rental will be charged. in addition to a surcharge of € 40 per day to day a vehicle is recovered by the company, and an amount corresponding to the cost of recovering the vehicle and the loss or damage suffered.

8.1. Deposit for Premium cars class P in the amount of 1000 €, Luxury cars class L and Sport cars class X in the amount of 1500 € per vehicle will be required to guarantee the rentals.
8.2. For extras such as electric scooters in the amount of 200 € or 300 € depends on the model.
8.3. Extras such as GPS, stroller, travel cot in the amount of 50 € each.

9.Duration of the agreement:
9.1. The duration of the rental is stated on the front of the contract. Specifying the date and time of delivery and return of the vehicle. Any changes must be approved in advance by ALL CYLINDERS.
9.2. If the vehicle is not returned on the date indicated for return, the rental company has the right to collect the vehicle after 24 hours, if it is found and / or take legal action and file a complaint for misappropriation, robbery or theft, as applicable. All costs associated with the recovery of the vehicle, including downtime, will be at the renter’s risk.
9.3 The maximum delay in returning the vehicle is up to 120 minutes free of charge. After this time, the costs will be charged for each day in accordance with the current rental price list for this vehicle / group of vehicles. En straffavgift på 35 euro kommer också att debiteras för varje dag som returen är försenad. The maximum duration of the Lease Agreement is 29 days.

10. Returning the vehicle:
10.1. The vehicle must be returned at the place, date and time stated on the front of the rental agreement.
10.2. Returning the vehicle earlier than in the rental agreement does not entitle to a refund of the amount for an earlier return.
10.3. All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L has the full right to withdraw the rented vehicle at any time in the event of any suspicion of illegal activity by the client or in case of doubts as to the client’s solvency.

11.1. Zero Risk Full cover The Civil Responsibility for damage to the vehicle in the event of an accident NO EXCESS.
11.2. Full cover in the event of theft or fire of the vehicle NO EXCESS.
11.3. The insurance does not cover :
11.3.1. Driver without valid driving license or by authorization from All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L.
11.3.2. Theft, loss or damage to goods carried in the vehicle.
11.3.3. The damage suffered by the vehicle in the cases of the prohibition referred to in paragraph 7 and in case of carelessness, reckless driving or recklessness.
11.3.4. Damage to the tires, rims, steering and lower undercarriage that is not the result of normal wear, but the origin of the misuse of the rented vehicle.
11.3.5. Damage to upholstery, dashboard, seats and carpets that do not result from normal use but the origin of the misuse of the rented vehicle.
11.3.6. If the accident report was not completed and sent to ALL CYLINDERS within the stipulated period or did not conform to the reality of the facts produced.
11.3.7. The customer will not provide the original set of keys in the event of the theft of the car.

12. Child seats
12,1. Cylinders are not responsible for the assembly and operation of child seats and never installs any model / type in any vehicle. The client who rents them is responsible for the installation and operation of child seats.

13. Accidents:
13.1. In the event of an accident or a prohibited act committed with the vehicle, the customer is obliged to:
13.1.1. Contact ALL CYLINDERS for any incident related to the rental vehicle no later than 24 hours after the incident.
13.1.2. Get full details of the other party by filling in the form provided with the vehicle’s documentation and possible witnesses.
13.1.3. Do not admit or prejudge which side of the fault lies.
13.1.4. Immediately notify the relevant state authorities, if there is a need to investigate the fault of the other party.
13.1.5. – Do not leave the vehicle without taking appropriate measures to protect it from further damage – always wait until it arrives roadside assistance.

14.1. All disagreement arising between All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L and the Customer shall be subject to the jurisdiction of the place where the rental was initiated.

15.1. The translations of these terms and conditions are provided for informational purposes only and the specific wording is not legally binding. Only the Spanish version is valid.

16.Protection of personal data:
Within the framework of the service provision relationship within the scope of Organic Law 3/2018, on the protection of personal data and guarantee of digital rights, as well as in Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council , of April 27, 2016, regarding the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data, which repeals Directive 95/46 / CE (hereinafter, RGPD) and Law 34 / 2002, of July 11, services of the information society and electronic commerce, All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure SL guarantees the protection and confidentiality of personal data, of any type that our clients provide us, in accordance with the provisions of the General Regulations for the Protection of Personal Data. The Data Protection Policy of All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L. rests on the principle of proactive responsibility, according to which the Data Controller is responsible for compliance with the regulatory and jurisprudential framework, being able to demonstrate this to the corresponding control authorities. The data provided will be treated in the terms established in the RGPD, in this sense All Cylinders Car Rent & Adventure S.L. has adopted the levels of protection that are legally required, and has installed all the technical measures at its disposal to prevent loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access by third parties, set out below. However, the user must be aware that Internet security measures are not impregnable.