Parking in Malaga or other places in Andalusia can be challenging due to limited space. It’s crucial to understand the local parking regulations to avoid fines and towing.

The white line indicates the free parking zone

The blue line indicates a paid parking zone (the cost usually ranges from 1 to 2 euros, but may be higher in larger metropolises).

The yellow line means no parking (the fine for parking in a prohibited place is EUR 200, the cost of towing is a minimum of EUR 50).

Parking in Malaga

Unfortunately, parking in Málaga, especially in summer, is difficult because there are not enough spaces, both in paid and free parking lots. Parking in Malaga is also made more difficult by the fact that in the center of Malaga there are designated zones where driving or parking is prohibited at all.


Address: Free parking in Malaga-Parking close to the center

One of the free parking lots in Malaga is the concrete square next to La Rosaleda Stadium (Malaga’s football stadium). The parking lot is very large and there are usually many free spaces. Please remember that the square turns into a “flea market” on Mondays, so you are not allowed to park there during the day.

Address: Free parking in Malaga-Parking lot close to the port

For people who live closer to the port, a better place to park in Malaga may be the designated parking spaces on Paseo de Antonio Machado road, in front of the Go Fit gym. Free parking lots are those marked diagonally in white.

Address: Free parking in Malaga at the port

At the Muelle Uno harbour, there is another free car park behind the lighthouse. A very convenient option for those wishing to start their tour from the harbour. Remember not to park in the no-parking areas as indicated by the signs

Address: Free parking on eastern part of the Malaga

Parking close to the Automotive Museum and Parque Del Oeste Located at the rear of the Municipal Computing Centre, Modulo 4, Calle Concejal Muñoz Cerván, 3, 29016 Malaga. The large concrete square offers free parking lots

Parking in Mijas Pueblo

Mijas Pueblo is a white Andalusian town famous for its donkey taxis, horse-drawn carriages as well as its chocolate factory and is one of the prettiest on the Costa del Sol. The municipality of Mijas is very tourist-friendly and offers very good parking facilities.


Address: Parking Municipal Público

Located in the heart of Mijas, the several-storey municipal car park is the best option for visitors by car. There is a charge for parking, but the cost is only €1 whether for a few minutes or 24 hours. From the car park, the lift takes you to the top of the hill, right up to the town’s main square with its emblematic monument – the burro, or donkey.

Parking in Nerja

Nerja is a unique beach town in Andalusia that is completely worth visiting. Not only are there nice beaches, but the town center has pedestrian pathways lined with restaurants and balconies. You’ll also see a fair amount of shops with straw hats, sunglasses and postcards spilling out on to the sidewalk.


Free parking lots near the city centre  address: Aparcamiento Barco De Chanquete

In Nerja, for travellers without a parking space provided or for those coming to visit the town and its attractions for a day, we suggest free parking near the Parque Verano Azul in a small car park with a distinctive boat with the La Dorada sign. From the car park it is only a 10-minute walk to Nerja’s biggest attraction, the Balcon de Europa and the town centre. At the same time you can reach the Balcon de Europa and the two immediately neighbouring beaches, Playa de la Torrecilla and Playa de Salon.

Parking -visit the caves (Cuevas)- address: Aparcamiento Cueva de Nerja

If you are planning to visit the caves (Cuevas) in Nerja, there is a free, gravel parking lot with a small number of spaces right in front of the entrance. You can also use the large, fenced parking lot located at the entrance to the facility.

Parking Gibraltar

Gibraltar is one of the most populous countries in the world and has full border control. For these reasons and regardless of the season, there are traffic jams in Gibratar and you can often spend several hours in them. Therefore, we recommend parking your car outside Gibraltar, in the border town of La Línea de la Concepción.


Paid parking: Aparcamiento Santa Bárbara

The parking lot is located almost at the entrance to Gibraltar, near the McDonald’s restaurant.
After parking your car on the Spanish side, you cross the border on foot, which is much faster than the car crossing. From the border crossing you can walk for about 30 minutes to the Cable Car, which will take you to the top of the Rock of Gibratlar, or you can go there by bus. An additional advantage of parking your car on the Spanish side is passing through the airport runway, which is closed when planes take off and land. Then the border crossing is closed, and this fact attracts crowds of tourists.

Caminito Del Rey

The Caminito del Rey is a 5 km trail that does not leave any of its visitors indifferent. Located in the province of Málaga, between the municipalities of Álora, Ardales and Antequera, it will captivate you with its beauty and its dizzying walkways at 110 meters high, guaranteeing an unforgettable experience, full of history, curiosities and anecdotes. On this website you can reserve your visit the Caminito del Rey, obtain more information, and also book other activities around the Caminito del Rey.

Caminito Del Rey

When going to Caminito del Rey, it is worth knowing where to park your car .Do not worry about roads and highways, they are in excellent conditions and you probably only need your smartphone as a guide. Remember to get the route on your phone’s Google Map App before you leave the WiFi zone or drive with any mobile data solution.
The King’s Path can be reached by car from the northern entrance in Ardales or the southern entrance in El Chorro.
The northern entrance in Ardales (Acceso Norte) has a paid parking lot, from here we start on the King’s Path.
The southern entrance in El Chorro (Acceso Sur) has free parking, from here we take a bus to Ardales (Acceso Norte) and there we start walking the trail.

Free parking: SurAparcamiento sur Caminito del Rey

You can park your car for free in El Chorro (Acceso Sur). The parking lot is gravel, unattended and not large. They are located at the Renfe train station on the Malaga-Seville route. A shuttle bus stops there and takes us to Ardales, the northern entrance, where the King’s Path walk begins. You can buy a bus ticket from the driver if you did not buy it online.

Paid Parking: NorteCaminito del Rey

At the northern entrance (Acceso Norte) to the King’s Trail in Ardales, right behind the tunnel and the El Mirador restaurant, there is a paid parking lot, behind a barrier. It is not monitored and is safer than El Chorro, but it is located at the beginning of the trail so it can be considered more convenient. Parking costs 2 euros for the entire stay on the trail.

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