Terms and conditions of the parking service.

Parking services provided by All Cylinders Car Rental S.L hereinafter olso referred to as the company.


-All Cylinders Car Rental will process your personal data in accordance with the Privacy Policy. In accordance with current Data Protection legislation, we are informing you of the inclusion in our files of your personal data necessary for the provision of the services you have requested. You can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation and objection by sending an email to info@cylinders.rent
-By making a booking, you agree to the general conditions of the car park.

-By making a booking via our website www.cylinders.rent, you confirm that you are at least 18 years of age.

-If you do not wish to receive commercial communications from our company or wish to exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion and objection to your data at any time, you may do so by notifying All Cylinders Car Rental by sending an email to www.cylinders.rent or by post to Calle Aceituno 11, 29004 Malaga.

-The content of All Cylinders Car Rental is copyrighted, all rights reserved.


-By making a booking through the All Cylinders Car Rental S.L -parking service website, you agree that it relates to the parking service. All Cylinders Car Rental S.L. shall not be liable for any acts, errors, omissions, representations, warranties, breaches, negligence or for injury, death, damage to property or other damage resulting from misuse of the service.


-The prices quoted are for bookings made via www.cylinders.rent only and include VAT.
-Payments can be made via our website by bank card or bank transfer. Payment can also be made on site on the day of delivery by bank card or cash.


-All reservations should be made via our website or by sending an e-mail to www.cylinders.rent.
-All Cylinders Car Rental offers 24-hour service only for reservations confirmed in advance by e-mail.

-All Cylinders Car Rental will under no circumstances be liable for any costs incurred (hotel, taxi, tickets etc.) if you wish to deliver or collect the vehicle but have not informed All Cylinders Car Rental by email and/or have not received a reply .


-The Company reserves the right to limit or cancel reservations. All services are offered subject to availability.
-All requests for modification and cancellation must be made by the following means: e-mail or phone number listed on the website, less than 24 hours after the start of the reservation.
-Cancellation requests made by e-mail will be processed during office hours, and the cancellation period is calculated from the time the parking lot processes the cancellation.

-In cases where refunds will not be possible:

  • Failure to report modification/cancellation within the specified period. Changes in travel (including cancellation or modification of flights). It is the customer’s responsibility to inform All Cylinders in writing of flight changes and adjust their schedules in a timely manner.
  • In case the customer parks at another facility due to lateness.
  • Days booked without use.

6.OBLIGATIONS OF All Cylinders Car Rental:

-When your vehicle enters our facility, your vehicle will be insured by the company’s insurance company.

-The company will be liable for loss, theft or damage to the exterior of the vehicle, as long as it can be proven that the damage was caused by the company’s negligence and was reported before the car leaves the vehicle pick-up area.

-The company is not liable for any damage or theft of accessories and items that are not attached to the vehicle.
Such as;

  • Personal belongings such as cell phones, tablets, computers, clothing items, bags or other items left in the vehicle by customers.
  • Theft of vehicle documents (You should not leave the original vehicle documents with us. Instead, provide us with photocopies of the relevant documents).
  • Items hanging/attached to the vehicle key.

-For personnel safety and proper movement, it may be necessary to move seats and/or mirrors.

-The company is not responsible for problems with starting your car caused by mechanical failure, failure of window lifters, puncture or broken battery arising while the vehicle is parked in the parking lot.
-The company has the right to change its rates without notification.
-The company and its employees have the right to move their vehicle around the facilities for the proper use of parking spaces, and in emergency situations to avoid accidents or obstructions.
-The company is not responsible for services requested by the client and provided by third parties (mechanics, vehicle cleaning, etc…).
-The company reserves the right to refuse to accept vehicles, despite having a reservation, if they are in poor technical condition or if the vehicle documentation is missing.

The company does not cover wear and tear on the vehicle’s exterior and interior components as a result of regular use.

-The company website contains hyperlinks to other websites operated by third parties. The company does not control these sites and is not responsible for their content.
-The company is not responsible for damage caused by wear and tear, damage occurring outside the parking area, mechanical breakdowns, battery discharge and broken windows.

-The company has the right to keep the vehicle and call the relevant authorities as a guarantee of payment if the customer refuses to pay for the service or is in arrears.

-The company is not responsible for unnoticeable damage, either internal or external, caused by insufficient lighting, adverse weather conditions or excessive dirt to properly inspect the vehicle. Visual inspection in such conditions is unreliable, as is capturing this damage on photographic material when handing over the vehicle. This prevents potential misunderstandings when reporting minor damage that will become apparent when the car is returned cleaned and free of the dirt that hid it at the start of the journey.

-The company is under no obligation to clean the parked vehicle. The contracted service is for storage and transport and the offered cleaning service is provided as a courtesy by the company. By doing so, the customer waives all claims and complaints regarding the cleaning of the vehicle.

-In any event,The company  must be notified in writing of any changes to the use of the vehicle, vehicle modifications, immobilisers, key codes, special starting instructions, etc. Under no circumstances shall All Cylinders Car Rental be liable for any damage caused by the omission of any information.

-The company is not responsible for damage to the vehicle and will not make any refunds or reimbursements when this is caused by reasons beyond our control, i.e. force majeure. Situations which we class as force majeure include civil unrest, rebellion, invasion, terrorist threat or attack, warfare, fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, epidemic or other natural disaster.

-These terms and conditions and the above disclaimer do not affect your rights as a consumer.


-The customer is required to call the phone number indicated in the reservation confirmation email 20 minutes before arriving at the airport. In case of non-arrival at the airport within the 2 hours recommended by the respective airlines, the parking lot is not responsible for the late flight.
-Customers are required to hand over the vehicle keys only to the All Cylinders employ. Otherwise, the parking lot is relieved of all liability. Before handing over the keys, an All Cylinders Car Rental employee must provide an authentication code known only to the owner of the vehicle being handed over.
-Customers must have a second vehicle key and code in case the original is lost.
– The customer is responsible for removing all items and accessories that are not attached to the vehicle.

– The client must ensure that the vehicle is legally documented and in drivable condition, including taxes, valid ITV certificate, insurance policy, etc.Customers are obliged to leave their documents in the vehicle (insurance policy with proof of payment and ITV certificate). Without these documents, the parking lot is not responsible for fines or any additional costs.

-In most cases, the company will pick up and deliver the vehicle at the designated meeting point (e.g. Malaga airport). Foreign vehicles must have a proper MOT inspection, applicable taxes and insurance. As such, the company reserves the right to refuse to accept vehicles that do not meet the requirements set by Spanish law.

-Customer declares that there are no items such as weapons, drugs, stolen items or animals in the vehicle. If the staff finds prohibited or potentially dangerous items in the vehicle, the parking attendant will notify the appropriate authorities.

-The customer must ensure that the vehicle is delivered on the specified date agreed upon between the customer and the company. Failure to deliver the vehicle by the specified date may result in additional costs, cancellation of the reservation without refund.

-If the customer cannot pick up the vehicle in person, he or she will have to authorize a person to come pick up the vehicle by sending a copy of the customer’s and the other person’s identification documents and the corresponding authorization to info@cylinders.rent.

-When the customer enters the premises with his vehicle , he is responsible for all costs and damages that may arise.
-The customer is required to provide all relevant information regarding the vehicle, such as special starting instructions, braking instructions, etc.
-Customer is required to provide all necessary documentation to verify the identity of the vehicle owner.
-If the customer is not the owner of the vehicle, the owner of the vehicle is responsible for any damage caused to the vehicle , unless the damage occurred, through the fault of the employee responsible for delivering, receiving the vehicle.

-Customer is responsible for paying staff for days of delayed vehicle pickup.

– If repairs must be carried out on the vehicle, the Customer is obliged to carry out the repairs at a workshop designated by All Cylinders Car Rental with the express consent of the insurer’s surveyor.


-The customer may claim for keeping the vehicle in the parking lot up to 15 minutes after returning the vehicle, as long as he has not moved the vehicle from the place where the All Cylinders employee returned the vehicle to the customer. After 15 minutes, the liability for parking the vehicle expires.