At All Cylinders, we aim to change the experience of car rental clients. When hearing friends’ horror stories about upselling, not getting what they paid for, we want our clients to think to themselves “I am sooo glad we rented at Cylinders, for sure we’ll do that again next time”.

Finding a car to rent on Costa del Sol is really easy nowadays. Beside the big franchies, there is a plethora of smaller companies offering their services, especially at and around the Malaga Airport. What some travellers don’t realize is how important it is to choose the right rental. Choosing the wrong rental may have you facing heavy upselling strategies from at the counter, huge deposits, extra charges, limitations in pickup etcetera.

We have removed all that fuzz. You have one price, which is the price you see on the website. No matter whether you need a child seat or not. No extra insurance fees or EXCEES.